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When a fully welded continuous vacuum insulated pipeline is required then a field welded system is needed. This requires the purchaser to butt weld the system together and then pull a vacuum on the sections over where the butt weld joints were made. As field weld joints are designed to be installed by the purchaser on-site and in position they are also a perfect way to allow for greater tollerances. If a section, or much of a Vacuum Insulated Pipe line cannot be accurately measured then field welded systems should seriously be considered.

There are of course many other reasons
  • Reduced heat in-leak on a fully welded pipe line.
  • No risk of leaks at bayonet joints.
  • Depending on supplier higher operating pressures can be obtained with field weld joints. When a field weld system is required, they are supplied with all components to complete the joint on site; the outer sleeve, the insulation, molecular sieve and palladium oxide pack, evacuation port, plug and seals, the welding to the relevent code and pulling the necessary vacuum is the responsibility of the purchaser and therefore should only be undertaken if you believe you can supply the necessary skills and equipment required.